Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ideas for your "App"roval - Fotobabble

Hey guys!

As I have said before, I will have 1:1 iPads in my classroom next year. There are three of us who wrote the proposal, gave a presentation, and received the grant at my building. My district is going to be giving us quite a few resources and we are going to network with other teachers in the district through Edmodo to share teaching ideas throughout the year. They have also released the app list for all the iPads. Here are all the apps that will be loaded on my classroom iPads.

Pretty awesome, right?

I am going to work my way through the list, reviewing the app, and sharing ideas on how I think I will use it in my classroom. I am hoping this will help me wrap my head around each app. This upcoming year will be very challenging, but I hope very rewarding!


So let's start with Fotobabble. I made this one as a test run.

  • take photos or add from your photo roll
  • very simple interface
  • add themes behind your picture
  • edit your pictures with over 15 options like brightness, crop, meme, text, effects, and stickers
  • sharing with Facebook (not for school), Twitter, and email
  • quick record button and easy to rerecord if needed
  • there isn't an iPad version
  • you need to create an account, but it is quick and easy (just another username and password for kids to remember)
How can I use this in my classroom?
  • snap a picture of the cover of a book and review it
  • share images of reading notebooks with students voice annotating their thinking
  • students take pictures of anchor charts, explain, and share via Twitter
  • snap a picture of a math problem, explain their plan for solving it, and post on Edmodo (after emailing it to themselves)
  • find a picture of math in everyday life and share about it
  • snap a picture of 3D objects in real life, describe the attributes, and share with the class & families via Twitter
  • use a picture that inspires them to record a great introduction to an expository or narrative essay
  • students take pictures of anchor charts, explain, and share via Twitter
  • after students are given a prompt, they find a picture that correlates, and they record their prewriting strategies
Social Studies
  • record the history of an event using a historical image - great for review
  • use an image to describe a region of Texas
  • learning about the leaders of our state and their job titles
  • during an investigation, each student is responsible for making a Fotobabble for a step of the scientific process
  • describing the use of scientific tools
  • sharing different careers in science

Pictures are powerful tools for our students. They also love to record their voices. Combine those two things with a way to share their work socially, and you have a winner. We will be able to share our Fotobabbles through Twitter (I will have a class page set up), student blogs (Blogger), Edmodo, and email. This is a quick and easy way to share learning.


Meredith Sanders said...

I am also using iPads in my class for the first time this year! I will keep following to see what you are doing with them! :)
Ramblings of a fifth and sixth grade teacher...

Amanda said...

We just got 3 iPads in our classrooms during the last month of school and this was one of the apps I played around with. I really loved it, but I haven't had a change to get the kids using it. Your list of ideas is brilliant. It is so easy to get overwhelmed with all the super cool technology and forget how many ways you could use it. Looking forward to more posts.

The Teaching Thief

Stephanie Taylor said...

Screen Chomp is another great app where you can have your students take a picture of a math problem and then work it out on the ipad with an ink feature while recording themselves. I don't know if you can put new apps on your ipad but it is a great one!

Erin K said...

I will also be having 1:1 iPads in my classroom this year with third graders! I can't wait to share/swap ideas with you! Some of the apps my team member and I loved this past year were Fotobabble and Videolicious, both are free and great for students to create projects on :)

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