Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ideas for your "App"roval - Tellagami

Today I want to share Tellagami with you.

This was easy and fun to make!

  • you get to personalize your avatar (gender, skin tone, eyes, head, hair, clothes - top, bottom, and shoes)
  • you choose the expression your avatar shows (neutral, happy, sad, surprised, angry, scared, and silly)
  • you choose your background (take a photo, choose from photo roll, or use one of theirs - they have 11)
  • a great how to guide every time you open the app (you can exit or choose to go straight to create your own)
  • this saves to your photos as a video
  • you can't do anything about the avatar's movements
  • no other cons that I can think of!
How can I use this in my classroom?

As the teacher:
  • as a call to attention/morning directions on the Promethean board so I am free to deal with student concerns in the morning
  • a different way to post project instructions on Edmodo
  • maybe as a homework starter with ideas and directions
  • a new way to respond to their reading
  • put themselves into the story
  • a way to talk about the elements of a drama: scene, setting, characters, stage directions, and dialogue
I think my students will like this because they love to create avatars. (I know this because we began using a state-wide program last year called Think Through Math. One of the incentives to work hard is to use your points to make your avatar more unique. They loved doing it.) You create a new avatar every time you make a Gami, so that is a plus! As with most apps we will be able to share our Gami's via Twitter, email, Blogger, and Edmodo.

I am not sure how else to use this app... Any ideas?


Kea Class said...

This is great and I want my students to use it to post tbeir learning on our class blog but I don't know how you managed top post it onto your blog? Did you have to email it then embed onto your blog?

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