Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Math Anchor Charts

Do you use anchor charts in your classroom? I started using them this past year and really like it. I have more work to do, but here are a few of my math charts.

 photo 8d980f0c-5b12-40dd-869f-cc4e2c28ed31_zps28db835c.jpg

 photo 541ccf22-f507-4a07-968f-49e0527c9a0a_zps9391c0fe.jpg

 photo c1d1d4d6-0584-482d-990e-136c9e42e86b_zpse2d04864.jpg

 photo 11fc2b48-b8bc-4922-ad83-cfa3e08ade31_zpsca1520ca.jpg

 photo 043718ca-263c-4555-b9bd-61c94d472582_zps7952de07.jpg

Happy Wednesday!


Amanda said...

I'm an anchor chart junkie! LOL! I use them for everything. I love the way you included images on your charts, especially the real world examples of units for capacity. I'm going to need to add that to mine for next year. Pinned!

The Teaching Thief

Anonymous said...

I printed your post so I could keep a paper copy for reference. I used a few anchor charts last year (it was my first year in primary), and I want to do more next year. The students love to watch me write or reveal (I am very dramatic). Thank you for sharing!

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