Friday, June 14, 2013

Parent Communication - Behavior Update

Hello all!

I L.O.V.E. Pinterest! Don't you? It is the perfect place to gather great ideas. Here is one I found a few days ago.

It got me thinking... Our report cards and progress reports do not give much information in the way of behavior. So I made some changes and came up with this.


I will copy this front to back to save paper.

I wanted to bring the student into this process. I think it is important to sit down with each student and discuss what I think of their behavior, be it good or bad. This way the parent gets to see that I have talked with their child and can see what their child has to say for themselves. I am hoping that this fosters some good conversations all around.

As always, email me if you want the original version to edit for your purposes! Let me know your thoughts on this.


Anonymous said...

Love this! Can I have this emailed as well as the second newsletter template? Thank you so much! :)

Susie Malnar said...

What a great resource! I love visiting your blog!

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