Friday, June 14, 2013

Pinterest Linky - Classroom Decor Pins

Isn't that the cutest linky button? Click on it to jump over to Just Reed and read all the blogs to see their favorite pins for classroom decoration! Here are mine!

1. Let's start out with a little humor. I am going to display this every so often for laughs.

2. I have a subway art corner! Do you?

3. I use ribbon as an outline and clothespins to hold my anchor charts. This is my favorite idea from last summer. I am expanding it to two for each subject area this upcoming year.

4. Next year I am going to do this. I will put extra papers from the day here for absent students and for me. That way I can gather them at the end of the week to organize and store for next year.

5. I am doing this birthday board this year.

6. I copied this inside my tall cabinet to hold my extra border. Genius.

7. My anchor charts have really changed this year. Many on Pinterest have inspired me.

8. I didn't put a word wall on the ceiling, but I did put a lot of measurement reminders up there.

9. When these were all the rage last summer, I made some! In 2nd grade I used them at the guided reading table, but in 4th I use them near my Promethean board. When I am teaching from my Elmo, I let students gather on the floor by the board. I have 6-7 crate seats for them to sit on and the rest of the students sit on the floor.

10. If I was more creative (awesome) and had more money, then I would have a classroom that looks like this.


Anchored In 3rd Grade said...

OHHH, LIke #4!! I have pinned and tried similar pins to you!

Anonymous said...

Love the hanging file folders. What a great way to stay organized!


An Apple a Day in First Grade

Ashley Reed said...

Thanks for linking up! I am totally with you on the subway art. I've got to do this this year! :)

LIndalouhoo said...

I made the crate seats, too. Use the ones from the Container Store - they are truly square. Kids love them!

Wendy said...

I am definitely doing that birthday wall as well when I get my classroom!

Tammy said...

I also like the folders for students who are absent. I repinned that one to my pins. Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis

Kara said...

I love the idea for hanging borders! What a fabulous idea!


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