Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Student Info Card Freebie

Good morning!

I know there are a million versions of the student info card floating around Pinterest and TPT, but I thought I would share my new one.

It is FREE, of course! You can download the pdf from here. If you want the PowerPoint version to edit, email me!

I really wanted to streamline mine for this year. 
The circle in the top right is for the number I assign each student for the year. You can see that I am not including quite a bit of information, but I have a reason for that.

We send home detailed student information cards from our school nurse at the beginning of the year. That information is stored in the nurse's office and in our school computers. I just want the quick information that I will need if I don't want to login to Chancery. I feel like this is a good snapshot of each student.

I am going to print these onto large index cards and send them home. I want to do purple for girls and green for boys. When they are returned to me, I am going to punch a hole in the left hand corner and put them on a ring. Easy!

I am really going to focus on getting an email address from EVERY parent this year. I communicate so much more when I can email. I just don't like talking on the phone. I would much rather email with a parent that have a phone conversation. How do you feel about that?

How do you gather this information at the beginning of the year?


Mrs. Lazenby said...

Thank you for sharing! This is great!

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ggsl79 said...

I really like this template but i would need it in spanish. I also tried to access the link but it stated it is no longer available is there away you can email the powerpoint version?

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