Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back to School Goals Linky

I really love back to school time. I guess it is the feeling of newness and a clean slate. 

Or it might be the school supplies overflowing all the aisles at Walmart and Target!

I {heart} Recess is hosting a linky party for all of us who have back to school on our minds.

I {Heart} Recess

First of all, isn't this the cutest background? I love it!

I report for staff development on Aug. 19 and then school starts the following Monday, so I still have a little more summer. But... I have been thinking about this school year all summer. I just can't turn off my teacher brain.

Personal Goal: I am working on getting healthy. I am really overweight and I hate it. It is causing all kinds of issues, so I am changing. I have been riding my bicycle every night, last night I rode 11.12 miles!!! I can't really believe it. This school year, I am not going to be lazy and eat school lunches. I will plan ahead and bring healthy lunches and snacks!

Organization Goal: I always lose all the beginning of the year paperwork by the end of the year. You know the textbook count, technology list, parent emails, etc. It irks me every year. I have a binder all ready for those papers this year!

Planning Goal: I accomplished this goal for most of the fall semester last year, but it kinda fell apart in the spring. I am renewing this initiative because it helps relieve stress over the weekend.

Professional Goal: It is time to start working on my Master's Degree. In my school district you have 10 years to earn your Master's. They will partially fund it, but you will be let go if you have not met this requirement. I want to get an online technology degree through a reputable university. I have had a difficult time finding a program that meets those needs.

Student Goal: I want to focus on learning about each individual student in my class. I do this all year, but it is their school self that I am getting to know. I want to know about them as a person.

The motto says it all!


Lucia13 said...

loved your goals,I found out that might be matching mine,wish you a smooth start of the year.

Enjoy Teaching English

Anonymous said...

You should check out Lesley University if you haven't yet. :-)

Kaitlyn said...

Good luck with your Masters! If there a local college/university nearby that you could go to? At least you know what you want to focus on!

:) Kaitlyn
Smiles and Sunshine

Raye said...

How did I miss this post yesterday? What about this program? I'm not sure if it what you are looking for. I already have my Master's but I have been looking at a couple of their programs because I'm always looking for ways to better myself.

The Caffeinated Teacher

Unknown said...

I can relate on the organization goal - mine was to keep up better with sign and return papers! Thanks for sharing.


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