Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Homework Linky with An Apple a Day

Jump over (after you read my post...) and see how everyone structures their homework.

(Some of this is a repeat of an old post, but I have added a few things to the end.)

Let me start by saying that I hate homework. H.A.T.E. I don't like making copies, taking it up every morning, grading it, and then rewarding or punishing depending on who turned it in. I think it is a hassle for busy work. I know that the homework debate is a hot one, and I don't really want to open that can of worms. If you like giving homework, more power to you. I think that homework should be reserved for 6th grade and up because those kids are old enough to manage their time. Ugh. Oh well. 

The reality is that I have to give homework, so I have been working on a routine. I wasn't happy with my homework routines last year...

My current plan is for each student to have a homework folder. Take a look at the components:

  • 3 brad folder
  • notebook paper secured in the brads
  • a few page protectors for the homework guidelines pages
  1. Students will be responsible for their homework folders from Monday to Thursday.
  2. On Monday, they will take their spelling pretest on a piece of notebook paper inside their folder. We do a pretest and check it together. This will be their list for the week.
  3. Homework for Monday: Read for 30 minutes and write a response.
  4. Homework for Tuesday: Practice multiplication facts and do a spelling activity.
  5. Homework for Wednesday: Read for 30 minutes and write a response. 
  6. Homework for Thursday: Practice multiplication facts and do a spelling activity.
  7. I will model how I want these done on notebook paper. I want them to write on the front and back of each paper, so we don't go through notebook paper like crazy.
  8. Students will turn in their homework on Friday morning.
  9. I will check it over the weekend and have it for them on Monday.
  10. Everyone that does all their homework will get bonus money (see my classroom economy resources).
  11. If I am satisfied with their efforts, they will have a lottery ticket waiting for them on Monday morning. (Hopefully this will increase the effort put into homework.)
The best part about this plan? No copies every week and the responsibility is on the students. I like it.

Click HERE to download Mon & Wed's homework.

Click HERE to get my spelling activities.

This is not my creation, but it is a great idea! Renee at Living, Laughing, and Loving is sharing this resource for free. Here is how she describes it:

Each student gets their own copy and starts working on memorizing the first fact family or table.  When they can say it to their parents in 30 seconds or less, the parents initial under that table.
At a designated time during the day, each student with a table initialed will bring it to me and recite it again in 30 seconds or less.  Then I initial, and he/she moves onto the next table… all the way up to the Twelve Family.

Click HERE to get a copy!

This is how I keep track of homework being turned in. I print a check off list on index cards that are taped to a clipboard. I can easily flip to the student's card to make if they have their homework or not. 

I really like this system, especially when I am talking to parents. That way I can quickly show them when their students has failed to turn in homework. It is a good visual. I will also put that visual in their homework folders for parents to view. I will update it when I "grade" homework every Friday. I am hoping that it helps keep parents aware of when/if their child is completing the required assignments. 

To insure that these homework papers are kept in good condition and not lost, I will be tying them into our classroom economy. Each student MUST keep these homework papers neatly in their folders. Each lost guideline page is $150 to replace. If they lose their log, that will be $500 to replace.

You can download the homework logs HERE.

These are the lottery tickets I was talking about:

I added the "Maybe" in the title because it is an untried idea. I haven't used this with students yet, so I don't know how it will work. I will be rolling this out in September. Unless I get a better idea between now and then.  :)

What do you do for homework? Do you do a routine or just decide day by day what you will send home? I don't like sending home textbooks, but if you do, what is your procedure for that?

Thanks for sharing your ideas and thoughts!


Heather Langley said...

I am with you on the homework! I teach 1st now but when I was in 5th I hated tracking down kids that had not turned their homework in. Your system looks like a good one! I like the lottery tickets. How do you make them?
Heather @ LearningwithMrsLangley

Leigh Langton said...

Love the lottery system. I try not to make a big deal about homework (no punishing- Just a "bring it in tomorrow...") The lottery tickets are a great way tot reward students who do put in the effort! Thanks for linking up!

The Applicious Teacher

tvoshel said...

I tried downloading the Homework Logs - but Google is giving me some kind of error?

Allison Burgess said...

I hate HW too. I would go without if possible. I do like your reading responses, though. I feel that might be time better spent at home then spelling. I did lottery tickets last year and it worked really well. I passed them out every two weeks. You were allowed one missed HW because sometimes life happens. Overall, my students turned in most days. I only had two that could care less about doing HW.

~Lynn~ said...

LOVE the Homework Logs--I think I'm going to use those in a notebook to keep track of who has turned what in/Homeworkopoly/and grades. Would you please send me a version that can be edited? Thanks!

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