Thursday, July 11, 2013

iBooks Author

I want to share a great resource with you! I am really excited about it. 

**Disclaimer: This only works on Macs and iPads. Sorry...

iBooks Author is a way to create interactive books. I am currently working on a "textbook" for our first of 3 big science units. We use FOSS kits, so we have three big units. There are tons of features with this!

Check out this website for more information!

Isn't that so cool? I really think this is the way we are heading in education. Textbooks need to be interactive and that is what iBooks Author gives us.

It is also a great way to self-publish a book. I am thinking about doing that. I would love to write a book. Now I just have to do it!

When I finish my physical science unit book I will share it with you!


Barton's Buzz said...

Wow! What a great tool! Your unit looks great so far...
Grade 4 Buzz

Unknown said...

Our district offers a tech week with nothing but technology workshops & this is one of the new tools they're featuring, I'm so excited you featured it, can't wait to use it in my classroom :)

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