Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Idiom of the Week

"This job is a blessing in disguise."
"I wish he would get that chip off his shoulder!"
"Good intentions are a dime a dozen. I want to see results, after all actions speak louder than words."

What do all those have in common? 
(Other than my students don't understand them?)

They are idioms!

I really want to focus on idioms this year. It can really break down comprehension when a student comes upon an idiom without realizing it is a phrase with a hidden meaning. My goal is to hear my kids use idioms in their daily language and to see it in their writing. So I have devised a plan!

We are going to focus on learning 10 idioms every six weeks. I don't want to do too many because then they would forget as we move on. We are going to be doing our best to integrate these idioms into our  classroom vernacular. 

We are going to start our discussions with a QR code scan that takes them to the meaning and examples. This is just a way to give them an idea of how that idiom is used. Then we are going to discuss it together, in small groups, and as we are working throughout the week. Towards the end of the week I will have them scan the activity code. The activities could be a blog post, an Edmodo post, an Educreation video, or writing a short story. I am trying to be creative! 

As we progress through the year, I plan on having them take more control over their activity, but at the beginning of the year, we will still be learning how to use most of the apps on our iPads, so I want them to have more direction.

This is what the pages look like:
You can grab your copy HERE 
(Free of course!)

I will be working on more and I will post them when they are finished!

Do you teach idioms? What do you think of my idea? Let me know if there is a great website for idioms that you have found!


Suzy Q said...

This is a great idea! We have lots of non-native English speakers, so they definitely need more practice with idioms. I have some fun books that the kids love: Parts and Even More Parts. Probably more, but those are the ones off the top of my head.

And my students are QR have no idea how many QR codes on morning snacks we had to try to scan! (Most of which didn't...too wrinkly, I think. Note to manufacturers.)

Can't wait to see your next installment...thank you for sharing!

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Mrs. M said...

This is fantastic!! I don't use some of the programs you use in your activities. Do you have any tips on how to modify them for other classrooms?

Anonymous said...

Would you be able to re-open this link? When I click on it, it says the drop box is disabled! :(

David Hussey said...

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