Thursday, July 25, 2013

Laminating @ Home - the CHEAP Way!

Did you know that you can laminate at home without spending hundreds of dollars? 

You can!
(Does that sound like the beginning of an infomercial?)

Anyway... I have been wanting a personal laminator forever. I mean it! I am a nerd like that. The laminator at school is great, but I like to get things done at home. 

You only need 3 things:

That's right! Go buy a pack of laminating sheets, plug in your iron, and grab a towel! I like to do this at my kitchen table, that is why I use a towel. You can definitely use your ironing board if you want!

All you have to do is place your paper inside the laminating sleeve, set it on the towel or ironing board, and run the iron over it. I read a post about this last summer and she said to put a towel over the lamination, but that just makes it take longer. I set my iron on the nylon setting and just iron right on the laminating sleeve.

That is how I laminated my brag tags!

Downside: This only works for things you want to laminate that are 8x10 or smaller. 
Eh, what can you do? I said it was a cheap way to do it!

✄     ✄      ✄     ✄     ✄     ✄     ✄     ✄     ✄

Do you have a trick that you do at home to save you some money with all this back to school mania?


Anchored In Literacy said...

Great tip! I got my personal laminator for only $20! It's a Scotch like the one on the laminating sheet package! Keep your eyes peeled!

Erin said...

Love laminating! I just got a personal laminator at Costco with 100 laminating pockets of different sizes for under $20.

Raye said...

I also have the 3M laminator that goes with those pouches. $25 at Target. I LOVE it because its thicker laminate than the stuff at school.

Elementary AMC said...

Thank for this tip. I have been debating buying a laminator!

Marlene said...

We have the same blog design! Thanks for sharing this tip. I want to laminate at home but don't want to spend money on a laminator. Am definitely trying this.

I Heart Teaching Elementary

Unknown said...

Completely agree also High Pressure Laminates are that essential part of furnishings without which the piece of art would be barren and soul less

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