Sunday, July 28, 2013

Manic Monday & Monday Made It!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

I love both of these linky parties, don't you? 

Summer is coming to an end... sigh. I have 3 more weeks until staff development. It always goes so fast, but I do enjoy all the back to school stuff. Not the staff development, but everything else! 
I accomplished 2 things this weekend: our class jobs board & our specials cards.
Last year I didn't post who was assigned what job. I meant to do it, but you know how it is. I just never got around to doing it. This is what I have come up with.

I bought a large foam board at Hobby Lobby, the pockets are from Mardel, and I made the labels and the title with PowerPoint. 
I will insert the student's name after I assign jobs. These are kids I had last year, I just wanted to make sure I had the formatting correct for the size of the inserts.

I feel like this is a simple way for us to see the class jobs. I also like that it is portable. I am pretty sure I will put it on a wall somewhere, but I have the option of placing it anywhere I want. I like options!

Here is the pdf file for the labels. As always, if you want the editable ppt version, just email me! I am always happy to share.  :)

I also "created" our specials signs. I say "created" because it just pieced them together with fake times. These won't be finished and printed until we get our school schedule the week before school starts. I just inserted the times I had those specials last year as place holders. I downloaded the clipart from Ladybug's Teacher Files. I am sure you have seen her amazing blog! She is a rockstar and my role model. I love everything she creates! 

I can't share these cards with you, but I am sure you can download her signs (FREE) and make your own with little fuss.

When I moved to 4th last year, I didn't post our specials times because I gave each student a schedule to put in their STAR binders. Well, I still got the questions about when we were going to gym or art, so...
This year I will be posting these in our classroom by the door. I will be able to just point when asked those questions. Anything to save myself a few words.

*Side note: Is it just me or do you try to save words? During the school day, I feel like I speak constantly. These past two years I have really tried to limit my speaking to when I am teaching or giving directions. That way when kids hear my voice, they might tune in a little more. I don't want to be one of those teachers that just drones on and on. I give looks, use hand gestures, and point instead of talking sometimes. I don't do it to be rude. Does this make sense?


Back to the "Specials" cards. I created the lunch clip art because I wanted one and Kristen didn't include that in the download. I love those circle labels! I created them so that 2 fit on a page when in landscape mode. I want to see them from across the room.

Happy Monday! Go check out all the links and link up your projects!

Let me know what you think of mine. I like to hear feedback!


Anna said...

Thank you for the freebie!

Lisa @ Fluent in Fourth said...

Loving your board, and thanks for posting on my blog about your job choices.

I just downloaded the schedule circles...along with her alphabet and library signs. Loving everything Ladybug's Teacher Files as well!

Fluent in Fourth

Unknown said...

Thank you for the freebie. This is amazing. I have a Classroom Job to assign students different jobs. I can understand about the staff development. I like the special signs idea. Last school year, I would include the special in the daily schedule on the whiteboard for every student to view.

Again, thank you for the freebie.

Here is my blog:

Mrs. Martin said...
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Mrs. Martin said...

I appreciate you sharing the editable pp with me! I only deleted my previous comment because I didn't want to leave my email out there :)

Unknown said...

Your board looks great!!! Thanks for the freebie.
I found you at Manic Monday. I'm your newest follower. If you have time, please check out my blog at

Unknown said...

How did you get this to work? I downloaded the images but I cant figure out how you added the times. I thought it was clip art but its not....


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