Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Notebook Giveaway!

I was contacted by a representative of these companies to review a few of their products.

The notebooks are so cute! They are perfect for kids of any age. Just grab a few sharpies and you are ready to customize your notebook! I will be offering these in our first class auction this year.

The notebooks are an environmentally friendly product that is made from sugarcane. They are durable with bright colored, poly covers. These are perfect for middle school, high school, and college students.

I think these are my personal favorite. I would have used these and only these in college! After I took this picture, I realized I have a right-handed bias. The spirals are not in the way for people who write with their right hands... I think this is a great idea for spirals! I always hated writing on the back page.

I am giving away some of these to my wonderful followers! Enter for a chance below. I will pick 2 winners on Friday and they will each receive a Genesis notebook and a Cross Over Notebook!


K. Mo said...

Just curious about the Sugar Cane notebooks... Does the paper have a different texture or weight to it or does it just feel like regular paper? It's great that someone has come up with an alternative source for paper!
❤ Karen
Flamingo Fabulous in Second Grade

trav4adventures said...

Oh, I'd really love to try the cross-over notebook!
Cheryl Ann (grade 3)

Kelly said...

I'll admit...I'm a notebook junkie :D These all look so cool! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I really want to enter the contest, but I don't "Twitter". Anything else I can do to enter! I would love to try any of the 3 notebooks. ~nicole

Darnee L.W. said...

I love those crossover notebooks! Genius!

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