Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Share with Parents

Good morning!

As I am getting ready for this school year, I want to improve my parent communication. I am going to try to make my newsletters more interactive with QR codes. I am hoping to get email addresses from all my parents that have one so I can send links to them periodically.

Here are 2 infographics that I will be sharing with parents in the fall.

My kids will each have an iPad this year, so I am planning on incorporating a lot of blogging. This will help parents understand our process.

This one is more of an FYI infographic. I really like how it is set-up.

How do you communicate electronically with the parents of your students?


Pat's Paper Passion said...

Parents may check grades at our school web site, I have a web site, and I answer texts.

I still send home weekly papers with a coversheet telling about activities at school. In the past I've asked about email communication and less than half my parents responded...maybe I'll try it again. I could have used the ADHD information with my class last year...very active and very inattentive.


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