Sunday, July 14, 2013

Supplies & Organization Linky

I am linking up with The Applicious Teacher again this week to talk about Supplies and Organization!

I love organization. You know that aisle in WalMart, Target, or the aisles in Office Max that are full of pretty organizational tools? That is my happy place. Don't even bring up The Container Store...


Since I don't have access to my classroom right now and it is all packed up for the summer, I can't really show you too many things, but I will share some pictures and links to old posts! Here are some of my favorite ways that I have organized things in my classroom.

When I taught 2nd grade, this was one of our daily stations. Kids could use the magnetic letters and cookies sheets to create their spelling words, draw them in shaving cream, or write them with dry erase markers on page protectors.

This was my catch-all table beside my door. You can see the student mailboxes, too.

I created this as a post-it to do list. It helps keep me on point throughout the week!

I love my turn in boxes. I did decide to dump the clothes pins after a few weeks, it was just too much. I had a student record the assignment, put the papers in number order, and then record any missing papers. It was a good system.

My large cabinet at the beginning of the school year. It stayed pretty organized during the year. I tried not to put too much in here because if it isn't out where I can see it, it doesn't get used...

I kept most of my teaching resources in these binders throughout the year. About halfway through the 2nd six weeks I realized that these binders were way too small. Oh well. I ended up putting my resources in a hanging file folder box instead. I did use the red polka dot Data Notebook all year.

These were amazing this year. I tried to make all my copies for the week on the Friday before. Then I paper clipped them and put them in the correct day for the following week. That way I was set for the week. It was also a good place to store papers that were brought back to school, permission forms, completed tests, etc.

I will be doing this again this year! I pre-made birthday bags for my students. These were the bags for the boys.

This is a 3 part organization picture.
1. The outlined anchor chart area was my favorite part of my wall decorations this past year. It was so easy to hang the anchor charts by the clips!
2. My classroom library. I love books.
3. Our classroom economy was a great addition to my classroom management this past year. These were some of the fines for bad behavior.

We do a lot of journaling, so I wanted to color coordinate them for the students. Red was for reading, green was for science, purple was for writing, and yellow was for math. It made it very simple for my students to grab journals out of their desks!

Gathering supplies at the beginning of the year is always a headache. I have done it differently every year. I haven't decided on a method for this coming year...

I know that students will have supplies in their desks because I don't like having them share everything. They will give me their pencils, notebook paper, construction paper, Kleenex, manila paper, and Germ-X. 
I want them to keep their notebooks, a few pencils, 1 dry erase marker, 1 bottle of glue, scissors, 1 box of crayons, folders, and 1 highlighter and red pen. I will store the rest of their supplies until the Spring semester. When we get back from Christmas, I had hand out new supplies for those students who brought them at the beginning of the year.

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That is a lot of organization. What do you do in your classroom? Go link up and share!


Kate said...

I love the post-it to do list! What a great idea.
Fun in ECSE

Leigh Langton said...

Thanks for linking up! Those weekly file holders are SUPER cute! TOO funny on your binders... I have 3 cabinets full of "stuff". It is all organized... I promise... but it would NEVER fit into binders!

The Applicious Teacher

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