Saturday, July 20, 2013

Teaching Kids to Blog

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Do you have a class blog? Do your students have individual blogs?

Since I will be implementing a 1:1 iPad classroom this upcoming year, I will be having all my students set up a blog. They will have the Blogger app and an account set up through our school district. 

Scary? Just a little... Or a lottle...

This is my husband's new thing to say.  :) Cute, huh?

So the logistics of having my kids create and use their own blogs is a little overwhelming. We will have to start things on laptops so they can choose their layout and all that. I do want to spend the time letting them personalize it, because that is half the fun!

I really want to incorporate their blog into our writing during the year. I am hoping that they will produce 2-4 posts a week. Maybe more as they become more comfortable with it.

Their blogs are going to be interactive because I am going to use the RSS feed feature in Edmodo to subscribe the class to all the blogs. I have a page all set up called We Blog. I will give the kids the code at the beginning of the year. Once I add the blogs, they will get a link to each blog post! Yay!

Part of our blogging with be commenting on other blogs. I want this to really be a positive experience. I feel like last year I had the kids do a lot of writing, but I was the only one that saw most of it. When I took the time to have the kids share their writing, they learned so much more! The downside is that it is SO time consuming to do that! Now they will have access to each other's writing all the time! They can go through and read them anytime and leave comments. Real world reading and writing practice! 
Love it.

I have been thinking about the elements I want to see in their blog posts. Here is a visual I created:

This is the Blogger app view of writing a post. This is what we are going to mainly use, so I wanted it to look familiar. I have also adapted a Blog Post Rubric to fit my needs. 

You can get your FREE copy HERE.

Heather at HoJo's Teaching Adventures posted a rubric that I modeled mine after. She was gracious enough to allow me to use hers as a template. She has tons of great resources on her blog for all elementary levels, you should go check our her blog!

What do you think? Do you have any tips for successful student blogging?


Mr. Matt said...

This looks great. The only other thing I might suggest is that you also incorporate some coding with them (html junk) just so they are familiar with it. I know they're young, but that also means they can pick up up quicker.

And this is just another question...but will they be floowing each other's blogs (kind of like GFC) so they can always see what other classmates are doing?

Digital: Divide & Conquer
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Sara Soucy said...

I've been thinking about doing this with my students this year as well. Love the rubric!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Lisa @ Fluent in Fourth said...

I love the rubric, too. I want to jump in also...trying to figure out the best way to do it. Will you moderate their comments on other blogs? We had an issue with that last year in a higher grade.

I love edmodo! I have been chatting with my new students all summer :)


Fluent in Fourth

Brandee Green said...

Loving this. I've already pinned. Great post.
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Abbey Thurn said...

So, I too, would love to start this! I have no blogging experience though, only blog stalking! Am I living under a rock if I don't know edmodo? 2 years ago, I had my kids use kidsblogs. I created all their accounts and they had access to each others. We only used it for social studies and just that one year! I want to do more. Maybe somehow all of us could work through it together! I LOVE your rubric too!!!

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