Tuesday, July 2, 2013

To Do List (Linky)

Lorraine from Fabulous First Grade Froggies is hosting a linky party that is right up my alley. I love lists. I am currently using my Google drive to keep an ongoing list for next year that I started in April. I know, weird. I am a little OCD.  :/

Anyway, after you read my post, go on over and read the others!

Let me share my lists (yes that is plural):

To buy:
  1. address labels
  2. small Sterlite drawer fo pencils and things beside the pencil sharpener
  3. Craigslist book carts?
  4. white and black polka dot ribbon for anchor chart outlines
  5. zip ties for crates
  6. large rug for a gathering place (I am hoping I can get one from my school)

In class:
  1. Folders on a wall or cabinet for M-F where I place papers handed out that day. Easy access for gathering at the end of the week and for kids who were absent.
  2. Better way to store copy paper and student supplies (zip tie crates maybe?)
  3. no textbooks in desks, all stacked elsewhere
  4. teacher desk and computer in another spot
  5. Xtramath and Book Adventure - Raz Kids (use the free trial at the beginning of the year)
  6. Table for Elmo near the Promethean board
  7. Guided reading groups - Daily 4
  8. Note to parents explaining about iPads
  9. Google docs for all beginning of year stuff: textbook count, student information, etc.
  10. Guided reading procedures with novels
  11. iBooks Author
  12. OmniDazzle (a great resource on our computers at school that turns your mouse into fun images on the screen that are easier for your eyes to follow; great for when you are demonstrating how to do something)

Classroom economy
  1. Desk citations
  2. Pay rent for ipad instead of desk, weekly
  3. Earn money for report card grades
  4. Mykidsbank.org
  5. Pay for extra restroom breaks, snacks, etc
  6. Buy paper and pencil -- I will provide a pencil and paper every Monday for free.
  7. Bonus money for CBAs and STAAR
  8. Speeding tickets for working too fast/carelessly/without a name

Organization & Decoration
  1. new section for social studies
  2. Use large bookshelf behind my desk and use other bookshelves to hold library books
  3. how to use black benches????
  4. new numbers for backpack hooks
  5. sort through books - only put out ⅓ of them at the beginning of the year
    1. check out 5 Play-a-ways every 2 weeks

  1. Blue = finished

    Wow. I am not overwhelmed, but I think I might be in a month. So much of this needs to be done at school, so it has to wait until mid-August. I can do this!


Lorraine Vasquez said...

Thanks for linking up! I am impressed that you already have several things on your lists complete! Good job!
Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies 
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Lisa Bee said...

Uh oh! Reading your lists just made my list longer! I think I've missed some things. Oh well - summer is still young. :)

Grade 4 Buzz

cindi said...

what is pay rent for iPad??? just curious.

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