Friday, August 2, 2013

Quick Update

Hello, hello!

I have been printing and laminating...

I have been going through my classroom library...

I have decided to only set out about 1/3 of my books for the first two six weeks. (That sounds weird.) That way I can switch them out and the kids won't be overwhelmed or board with the selections. Yes, I have a lot of book. I love books.

I have been working on our Book Buckets...

I have repurposed these. They used to be containers for my library, but I wanted to keep the colorful ones from last year in my library, so I grabbed these and added labels. I want my students to keep all their books, Reading & Writing Notebook, and iPad (when we get them) in their book buckets. These will go on tables near their desks.

Remember my tables??

I have repainted them black. I am sad that they don't look as good with our larger desks in 4th. Oh well.

I know we are all keeping busy! Back to School time is here in full force.

We can do it!


Erika said...

Where do you store your other books that you don't put out? I love those desk tables and have been wanting my husband to build me some.

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