Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sterilite Organzier

So many of my projects begin with a pin...

I have been wanting to do something like this all summer. I love all the teacher toolboxes that are out there, I just don't need one. I couldn't justify it to myself.

Sooooo, I decided I could do a miniature version that would come in handy every day!

I only let me kids sharpen two pencils a day. I sharpen them first thing in the morning. I have many reasons for this but the main ones are (1) I hate the sound of the pencil sharpener, (2) kids need to be responsible for their pencils, and (3) it helps my students to take care of each other. When a student needs a pencil in the middle of the day, they must ask their classmates if they can borrow one. This shows them that I am not the only source of help in the classroom.

Stepping off my soapbox.


Eek! I love it!

Drawer #1: I try to sharpen at least 5-10 pencils each morning before my students arrive. This way when students need new pencils that morning, I can just hand them a new one. 

Drawer #2: My students go through glue like crazy. I am tired of students not having glue, so instead of passing out my supplies and never seeing them again, I am going to wrap washi tape around the 5 glue sticks and 2 bottles of glue that will go in this drawer. The tape will identify them as my supplies and the kids will know they need to be returned. I am planning on just letting kids grab them as needed and them returning immediately.

Drawer #3: Same story as the glue. It is impossible to do an activity together in a timely fashion when 5 kids are waiting on someone to finish their cutting so they can borrow their scissors. I am going to place about 5 scissors, add my washi tape, and put them in this drawer.

I think it is going to work out!

You can download the labels HERE.

Let me know what you think!


Kris @ The Poole Pages said...

I love the idea of putting washi tape on supplies to show that they're smart :) I may have to borrow that one!!!

Brittany Solomon said...

The link to the labels no longer work.

Becca Morris said...

I have created a new link. Sorry! It should work now.

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