Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Teacher Week '13 - Organization for Instruction


How do you organize yourself for teaching? I am a planner. Bet you couldn't have guessed that! :)

Here is a screen shot of my first week of plans:

I love that I can color code, attach documents, add links to sites, and quickly add the standards.
(I still need to plan the reading. It is always the hardest for me.)

I also use magazine holders to hold my copies for the week.

You can see all the organization baskets and things on my book shelf behind my desk. I also acquired the tan bookshelf today. I am so glad because I needed one to hold the rest of our textbooks.

The anchor chart areas are also a major organizational tool for my instruction. The kids are able to reference our learning for days after!

Go blog hopping to see all the great posts about organization!


Lisa Bee said...

Does your whole school use What do you think of it?
Grade 4 Buzz

Meredith Pearson said...

How much do you use WBT? I went through the book club this summer, and I am excited to implement more pieces of it into my classroom this year.

Kelley Baker said...

I am absolutely blown away by your work! Thank you for sharing. You made pinterest come alive. I have all the same pins but haven't been able to implement them. You are an inspiration.

I would love a peek at your reading plans. It's my hardest subject to plan as well. I feel like I am over thinking every concept or maybe the provided curriculum is just too overwhelming for me.

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