Monday, August 5, 2013

The Sharpest Pencil at School

I will have the sharpest pencils at school this year. Do you want to know why??? I finally got a Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener!!!!! I couldn't be more excited.

The owner and operator of this small company is a classroom teacher. He wants to spread the word about his wonderful product, and I am happy to help. 

Remember that this pencil sharpener is only $24.99.

This pencil sharpener has been on my "To Buy" list all summer. I was gearing up to buy it online when I noticed an interesting tab on the website. It said "Free Sharpeners & Giveaways". I, of course, quickly clicked it and began to read about how to receive a free sharpener in exchange for a blog post.

Yay! I heard the church bells ringing people! 

I sent an email with a link to my blog and said a prayer. He got back to me that same day and I was opening the box from the mail in just a few days.

This is by far the best pencil sharpener I have EVER used. I am so happy that it stands up to all the praise I have been hearing. Go buy one. Now! I will be buying another one and I am sure as soon as I show it to other teachers at my building, they will want one, too!

It is so easy to use...

(This video was made by the owner and operator of Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpeners.)

It really is that easy.

I also have to point out that even though the pencil looks fragile, it is anything but. 

I pressed really hard and it didn't break. Fabulous. Let me say it again.


Go HERE to purchase one or three or thirty-six.

Available colors: green, blue, red, and black

Pricing: get 1 for $24.99
Teacher Special (3) for $57.97
School Special (36) for $503.64

Replacement parts are available along with videos for cleaning.

Do you have one yet? Any comments?


Aimee said...

I have one, and it is the best sharpener ever! I cannot believe how sharp the pencils get, and I noticed that I no longer have to sharpen the pencils daily. I love it!!

Primarily Speaking

Tiffany H said...

I got one as an end of the year gift from a parent, who is also a teacher at our school. I am in love! I can't wait to use it in my classroom!

Deanna P. said...

I actually use three in the classroom. My students are organized into 'zones,' and each zone is assigned to its own sharpener. There is no fighting for the sharpener, no long lines during morning jobs, and everyone has a sharp pencil before class begins. Easy! No more pencil issues in class!

FifthtoThird said...

I found this pencil sharpener after a long search online for the best one. It does what is says. My fifth grade students used it all year and it still works perfectly. Only a few leads broke off inside, but it was so easy to get it out, the students usually did it. If you are unsure you'll like it, just try it! It is SO worth it. Plus, it does colored pencils, just go around a few times and check it.
Large kindergarten pencils do not fit, just so you know.
This also keeps pencils from getting too short as they will no longer fit into the holder unit.--that was the student's cue to get a new one.

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