Friday, September 13, 2013

Daily 4 - Read to Someone

Ok guys, if you haven't read The Daily 5 by Gail Boushey & Joan Moser, you need to ASAP!

I am loving the Daily 5, well, Daily 4 in my classroom.

I am astonished at how energized my kids are to read! I have presented the stamina part of reading as a challenge and they are eating it up. We are up to 18 minutes of FOCUSED reading! I mean, everyone is actually reading for those minutes. 

Here is an excerpt from the book:

Our accomplishments so far:
Read to Self - 18 minutes
Work on Writing - 12 minutes
Read to Someone - 10 minutes

My kids want to challenge themselves. They moan when the buzzer goes off signaling the end of reading or writing time! I could literally do cartwheels down the hall.

(Ok, I won't be doing that because I would hurt myself, but I am that excited!)

Take a look at our Read to Someone that we started today.

We went over our i-Chart and I explained EEKK!

Then I showed them how to check for understanding by retelling their partner what they heard them read at the end of the paragraph/page.

I also added something else. It was the listeners job to watch the words and point at any word their partner misread. They just pointed to the word and let their partner try to get it. I told the listener to count to 3 in their heads and then ask if their partner needed help.

Guys, they did great! My heart was bursting as I watched them patiently point out words and then help their partner sound it out! It was amazing.

This peer tutoring time is going to really help my students, I just know it!

We have taken our Checkpoints & screeners, so I will start pulling small groups next week. I am fairly confident that this group will be able to focus on their reading and writing even when I am busy with a group.

Awesome. Class.
Best. Students. Ever.

Coming up...

Setting up student's blogs!
Our first Educreations videos!

Have a great Friday!


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