Monday, September 2, 2013

Math Journals

We survived the first week of school!

Starting the year on Monday makes for a really long first week. It was a good one, but we were all tired by the end.

We accomplished:
  • setting up classroom routines
  • began a little WBT (5 rules & Class; Yes)
  • students applied for classroom jobs
  • I assigned jobs based on applications
  • the kids got on their MyKidsBank accounts
  • we started XtraMath
  • I introduced the kids to our iPads and my expectations (they were all over it!)
  • we set up our Reading & Writing notebooks, Math notebooks, and Socials Studies notebooks
  • we got on Edmodo for the first time
  • I made a positive phone call to all the parents
  • my kids did the pledge, thought of the day, and joke on the morning announcements
  • we got a good start on the Daily 4
I have a great group of kids!

We completed our bar graph unit in our math journals. The culminating activity was creating a bar graph without my help. We didn't have time for them to create questions, too, but we will get to that this week.

I love it when I am grading and I have stacks like this:

The far right stack are As, the middle are Cs/Bs, and the left need some reteaching.

I think we had a very successful first week. I always forget how slow we move the first few weeks! I have to get these kids back in school shape! We move quickly and efficiently in my room.  :)


Jamie knefely said...

I like how you stacked by grades. It gives you a visual of how many were catching on. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.


Elie Ilano said...

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