Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Planning for a personal narrative

And so our writing journey begins...

I began by modeling how to "picture" plan for a personal narrative. The day before I gave them the prompt: Write about your favorite outdoor activity. I gave them 30 minutes to write. I wanted to see what they could do in terms of beginning, middle, end and grammar.

Let's just say we have some work to do.

That is pretty normal, though.

I really want our writing time this year to be engaging and useful. Every time they get to draw something, it is a treat, so I decided to take advantage of that.

**Disclaimer: This is not a great, original idea. I haven't seen it verbatim this way, but it isn't anything special.

I modeled how to set up the paper, where to put the prompt/main idea, and talked my way through my story as I added my pictures.

The kids immediately started to make connections/suggestions when I paused. I purposefully stopped and "struggled" with what to write/draw. I want my kids to see me cross things out and make mistakes this year. I feel like they get an unrealistic view of writing when I don't show them the starts and stops of the real writing process.

They really got into this activity. We are going to expound on their plan this coming week.

Tuesday: starting a personal narrative with a POW!
Wednesday: writing the beginning of the story
Thursday: writing the middle of the story
Friday: writing the end of the story

I will model with my own story, they will share their part with a partner by talking it out, and then they will put it on paper.

I will share some of their stories when they are finished!


Jamie knefely said...

Looks like they have some great ideas. So far so good!


Tidbits From Ms. Pitts said...

Love it! I will have to try this out in my 2nd grade classroom. Thanks for the tip!

Ms. Pitts

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