Monday, October 28, 2013

Regions of Texas

One of our units recently in Social Studies was the Regions of Texas. It is an interesting thing to teach.

We started with this:

I was really surprised that my kids struggled with vocabulary terms like border, body of water, and states. It was eye opening to say the least. We had just begun talking about all this, so I guess they forgot quite a bit over the summer.

With the help of our textbook, a few videos I found on YouTube, and our journals, we recorded lots of facts about each of the 4 major regions of Texas. The last activity is pictured below. I traced, outlined, and cut our the regions of Texas for groups to label. They aren't perfect, but they worked hard.

Another group was in charge of labeling a full map with the bordering states, country, and body of water. I also wanted them to label the major rivers and cities.

Below is my back wall right now. Before we talked about the regions of Texas, we learned a little bit about the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

Here are some resources that I found:
Bill of Rights for journals
Comparison of the Texas and US Declarations partner research work with iPads
(Next year I will change the websites, the reading levels of these websites were too high)

Fun times! Do you know of any good resources I can use next year?


Melinda Weston said...

Google Earth is one of the greatest resources. If they can actually see through a satellite what the terrain is like, how green the Coastal Plains are, how brown the Mountains and Basins, and how in between the North Central Plains,etc., then they can start to grasp just a little of what you are teaching. There is a book called "The Armadillo from Amarillo." I would read it to the students and then have them locate these places on Google Earth (iPads or laptops) and then divide them up in groups and do a jigsaw about what they learned. Have them use Educreations, Explain Everything, to describe the locations/ Regions. Next, have them use the same informatation and put it into the app, PhotoCard. This will sink it all in.

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