Thursday, October 3, 2013

Writing About Inferencing

We did one of my favorite activities today and it was such a success!

Lesson Frame:
We will use inferencing to draw conclusions.
I will write a question about the video for my partner to answer.

I had the students get out their Reading & Writing Notebooks and gather around the Promethean board. I explained that an inference is something we do all the time. We look or read something, add our thoughts and experiences to it, and draw conclusions.

Then we began to watch this Pixar short film:

I stopped the film about every 30 seconds and posed a question.

What are the birds doing?
What do you think the clouds will do?
What makes this cloud different?
How does the cloud feel about his creations?
How does the bird feel about the cloud's creations? Why does he feel that way?
What can you tell about the bird?
How would you describe the bird?

And so on...

Guys, my kids were writing machines! I would stop the video, ask the questions, and away they went. ALL of them! YES! This is exactly what happened last year, too!

They were using words like devastated, jealous, revenge, feeling betrayed, good buddy, and gear. Their sentence structure is really starting to improve.

Most of them ended up writing more than a page! Mission accomplished!

Here are some examples of what my students wrote.

Have a great evening.


Miss Boucher said...

Cute Idea... and Pixar Shorts are sooo perfect! Thanks for sharing :)

Kelly - Sliding Into Second Grade said...

Love this idea for inferencing! Will definitely consider this approach since I've never used Pixar Shorts before. Thanks so much for sharing this!

Sliding Into Second Grade

Daniel Efosa Uyi said...
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