Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Life in a 1:1 iPad Classroom - Procedures

So I want to start blogging to share how I am structuring my class around our iPads. We aren't using them to their full potential, yet, but I have high hopes!

Let's start with a few procedures…

Where do the kids keep their iPads during the day?
     The kids keep their iPads on their desks facedown when I need their attention or when we are working without using them. When I need the kids to have a clear desk, I have them place their iPads in their book boxes which are located on a small table between their groupings of desks. (see below) I do not ever let them put their iPads in their desks.

What about sound?
     Each student was given a pair of earbuds or they could bring headphones from home. They use these when they are on a program or app. I do not allow them to have the sound on during class for others to hear.

What is the procedure for charging?
     When the iPad is at less than 20% at the end of the day, the student places their iPad in the charging cart for the night. If their iPad goes into the red during the day, they simply charge it on the cart. This can usually take place during a special or lunch when we are out of the room.

What if someone misbehaves?
     I have only had to take away this privilege once to make my point. The students know that I expect their attention and good behavior throughout the day if they want to use the iPad. I can very easily have them do the same work on paper.
     We were very specific about our expectations for using and handling the iPads from the very beginning. I haven't had any trouble with the kids abusing the privilege yet.

How do the kids know when they can use their iPads and when their focus needs to be on the teacher?
     When students finish their work, they get on their iPads. They have several options, that I will discuss in another post, to use during this time. When I need everyone's attention, I say, "Dark and down, please." This means to stop whatever you are doing on the iPad, press the sleep button, and place your iPad face down on your desk. Not difficult at all! It works for when they are at their desks and when they are around the room.

What other procedures do you want more information about? Let me know if you have any questions. I know that when I was doing research over the summer, there weren't many blogs that detailed exactly how a 1:1 iPad class was run, so that is what I would like to share.

Tell me what you want to know!!!  :)


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