Friday, November 22, 2013

Our Frogs

Our class has 4 frog habitats that we are observing. They will be in our room for a few weeks before we have to give them back. The students have enjoyed watching them swim and many like to pick them up. I just like to watch. I don't like to touch slimy things!

Today the kids worked in groups to change out the water in the tanks. It was really starting to smell bad. One person said it smelled like a cat box. Ewwww! When the tanks were fresh, each group helped one another to take pictures. That was a lot of fun!

Students were instructed to write on their blogs about the frogs and what they have observed. Here are some of my observations.

I have observed:
1. I know that our frogs breathe air.
2. Some of my students really like to handle the frogs, and some of them are like me.
3. The longer the water stays in the tanks, the worse it smells.
4. The frogs like to hide under the plants for protection.


galinchico said...

Where did you get the frogs from?

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