Thursday, February 13, 2014

App Smashing

3 apps + 3 subjects = iPad fun!

We are learning about the Civil War in Social Studies, so I gave my kids some independent learning time. Instead of doing the T-chart on paper that was in the curriculum, I had my students do this to show the same learning.

Assignment: (groups of 3 students working together)
  1. Read 2 pages in Social Studies textbook on Abraham Lincoln & Jefferson Davis.
  2. Screen shot the Venn diagram in Felt Board.
  3. Insert that screen shot into Educreations & add text.
  4. Screen shot your finished Venn diagram and insert it into Poplett.
  5. Use Britannica Image Quest to find complimentary pictures.
  6. Insert those pictures into Poplett.
  7. Turn in your finished product via Gaggle school email.
The finished products are not perfect, but there was a lot of authentic learning and discussion happening.

I love having iPads in our classroom!


Julie Goode said...

What a great use of different apps! Your students did a fabulous job. Thanks for sharing!
The Techie Teacher

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