Sunday, February 2, 2014

Expository Writing- Revising and Editing

So we are getting into some serious writing these days. The first 2 weeks after the Christmas break we spent time writing 2 expository pieces. The last 2 weeks we have been working on narratives.

I am getting this ready for when we switch back to expository next week.

Here is my plan:

I am going to glue the typed up essays onto large pieces of butcher paper which will be placed around the room. I will put students into mixed ability groups to rotate through the posters. They will be told that each person must find something that needs to be corrected and something the author did really well. They will use markers to draw lines from the text to a spot on the butcher paper where they will correct a mistake or leave a compliment.

I am very blessed this year in that my students really enjoy writing. I have all ability levels, so conferencing can get a little chaotic, but I am not having the refusals to write like last year. #smallblessings

Writing teachers:
     What do you do to help your students revise and edit their work?
     Where have you found the best resources?

I will post pictures of our finished posters after we do this activity! Have a great week!


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