Saturday, June 28, 2014

Google Docs - Part 4

Student Logins

As a 1:1 iPad class, we have a lot of logins. My school district gives us a lot of resources, which I am thankful for, but it can be confusing for the kids.  In the past I have made login cards for the kids on index cards using colored labels. I can't find a picture of them...

Basically, I would take a large white index card and put the kid's name at the top. I would use Word to print off labels for each service. For example, I used red address labels for their iStation usernames and passwords. Every card looked the same. It worked well, but it was time consuming and if a student lost it, that was it. I hated that!

So this past year I got a brain wave. Why not make the cards in Google Sheets? That way they would be easy to reprint if needed. I can't show you my cards from last year, because they are full of usernames and passwords, but I can show you my blank document for the upcoming year.

The printing feature for Google Docs is pretty good. You can enlarge them or make them fit the width of the page. I liked how it turned out this year. I just have to fill it out once, and then we are good to go for the year!

General Technology Information

I also need to keep track of which iPad is assigned to each student, so I made a tab for that. We were using Blogger, so I was going to add their blog address to this doc as well, but now I am thinking about doing KidBlog instead.

I know these aren't fancy or too pretty, but it is so functional, that it is hard for me to care about that! 

I love that I have access to all this information from any device. That trumps everything in my book.

Do you think you might use something like this? Would any of this make you life easier?


Krista Carlson said...

I love this idea. I am moving to a district/classroom with 1:1 iPads next year, and I will take all the ideas I can get for keeping things organized! Thank you!

The Second Grade Superkids

Jessica said...

Great idea! Last year I made bookmarks for my kiddos with all their passwords. I printed them on colored paper so that each time I reprinted (with updated reading levels), students who know the newest color. Perfect for helping them keep track of their passwords!

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