Monday, August 4, 2014

Back to School Classroom

Since wall decorations are under review... today I worked on organization.

I am not really into filing cabinets. I don't keep paper copies. All of my resources are in digital files on my computer, but I did want to use my small filing cabinet this year to keep track of student/parent communication. I assign every student a number for a year, so that is what the numbers signify in the photograph above.

So here are a few photos from today. Just keep in mind that I am not decorating right now. I focused on placing furniture, going through shelves & drawers, and trying to figure out how to minimize.

I don't sit at my desk, but I like using it as a table. Kids LOVE sitting at the teacher's desk to work.

Awkward shelves. Not my favorite. I just can't seem to organize them. I guess if I could buy a lot of little boxes, it would look better, but that isn't going to happen this year. So I will be covering these with a curtain.

These are the same kind of shelves across the room. There is still a lot of work to be done.

Has anyone heard of using rubbing alcohol to clean white boards? It completely worked! Now I just have to do it on my kid's small white boards. Go try it.

This is my work station. This year I added my file cabinet under the table. This table is probably the most used furniture aside from student desks. I sit here before and after school and sometimes when the kids are working. I pull small groups to come work with me. Kids sit here during instruction instead of at the back desks. I have kids sit on the carpet, crate seats, and this table. That way we are all close and learning together.

I need to move my Elmo table over here to complete the area.

Also, scary moment. I unrolled the nasty carpet and a big bug jumped out at me. Yuck. I hate bugs. See that book on the ground? Guess what I used to kill the big bug? Good guess.

My principal is going to rent us a carpet cleaner to clean up our rugs. I am so looking forward to cleaning this gross rug!!!!!!

That computer you see on the table, it is my old teacher computer. The district upgraded my campus over a year ago. This computer has just been sitting unused in the back of my room since then. A big waste. It needed to be reconfigured as a student computer. Maybe they are working on that for this year! An IT guy came in my room today and moved the computer to this table and then walked out. A little weird, but okay.

I have so much work to do! Everything feels so bare.

On another note... I have good news!

I am a Graduate student! Classes start at the end of the month!


jbales said...

Your room looks fantastic and you are definitely on your way to a very organized year. Thanks for sharing. As a side note, I would check on using alcohol on your whiteboards. I think there is a thin coating of something important on them that alcohol will remove. Once it's removed it's hard to erase your boards. Yikes!

Raye said...

Oh my word those awkward shelves would drive me crazy. I really sometimes wonder WHO exactly designs these spaces! You almost would need to buy a lot of stackable boxes/bins to make that space functional. No matter how you did it, it wouldn't be cheap. :(

Yay for grad students! :) I am finishing up my first doctoral class in the next couple of weeks (two weeks from tomorrow actually). Then the real scary part begins -- I will be taking a class AND teaching full time. lol That should be an enormous ball of laughs :)

Amanda said...

Why do they design shelves like that? So bizarre. Congrats on grad school! What are you going to get your masters in?
The Teaching Thief

kdxpenguin1987 said...

How awesome! I student taught at Hanby back in 2006 and now my preschooler will be attending school there this upcoming year. I'm also a Mesquite ISD teacher. :)

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