Monday, August 4, 2014

Teacher's Toolbox

I fought the urge for 2 years. I talked myself out of it several times.
Did I really need one of those super cute toolboxes? Did I?

So even though I don't really need one, I gave in.

It was so quick and easy to do!

I decided to make my own labels. You can download them HERE if you want. As always, if you want the editable version, email me!

My classroom colors this year are aqua, blue, and gray, so I didn't have to paint the base! Winning!

Go link up HERE to see how other people decorated their toolboxes.


Lisa Beth Black Hart said...

Could you post a link where to buy the toolbox? Such a cute cute idea! I missed it the first time around.

Rebecca Rojas said...

Love the chevron labels!! Thanks for linking up!!

Becca Morris said...

Lisa, you can but them at Lowe's or Home Depot. I got mine at Lowe's for $16.

Michelle Ross said...

Thank you. I'm totally going to Lowe's today. I need it! How did you adhere the labels? What did you print them on? Thank you. I love your blog!

Michelle Ross said...

Please send me your editable version. They didn't quite print how I expected them too. Thanks a bunch!!!!

Lisa Beth Black Hart said...

I made one! Love it! I would love to have the editable version. Thanks so much for sharing your cute idea and the labels.

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