Thursday, July 28, 2011

Foldable Tips: Matchbook

I wanted to clarify this foldable for the people who have asked. This is one of Dinah Zike's foldables. She is a genius! I recommend any and all of her books.

I took pictures as I folded this. It is very simple, just 2 folds. You can do this to any size paper, so be as creative as you want! It is a good idea to fold multiple papers at the same time. Easy, easy!

This is the small fold.
Take the top and curve it over. Fit the top of the paper into
the crease of the small fold.
Now fold it down.
This is just another view or how it looks when you open
the flap to reveal what is inside.
I think these are great for memory concepts like addition or subtraction facts. Great for anything! Good luck!


Bonnie Walton said...

I just did a PD on Foldables and found these great websites which have a PDF of Dinah Zikes's books for reading and math.


I ♥ Foldables!!

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Aday said...

It would be greater if you add one example with the foldable. I mean, that fantastic foldable in real use. Thank you for sharing!

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