Saturday, July 2, 2011

Student Reading Survey

So I would like to confess something.

I have been reading ahead of schedule in our book study. The Book Whisperer is just such a good book! I couldn't help it. ☺

As I was reading the first whisper I just knew I needed to make a 2nd grade friendly reading interest survey. I think I will be giving this to the kids the first day of school. After we talk about reading and I show them our classroom library. After I do a read aloud. After I read all the questions and we discuss them.

I am actually excited about doing this. I hope it will give me insight into my new students. I want to connect with them through reading better than I did last year. I love reading about the connection Donalyn Miller has with her students through their shared love of reading.

Here is what I made if you are interested!
Beginning of the Year Reading Interest Survey


Tara said...

I couldn't agree more!!! I was thinking yesterday of how I was going to tackle the survey for my kids..(4th grade I.L.) Thanks for sharing, this might give be some ideas:) I'm having my first giveaway, be sure to stop by and check it out:)

4th Grade Frolics

Maria Youngblut said...

Thanks for sharing. I am reading The Book Whisperer too. You have saved me time by creating this survey. Thanks!

Becca Morris said...

Yay! I am so glad people are enjoying the book. I think it is awesome. Thank you for the encouraging comments! I love to share!

Kelli Beason said...

Your survey is too cute! I love it! I am having a giveaway over on my blog be sure to check it out.

Unknown said...

I like this, Becca! I like how you included general questions like, "Did you read this summer?". Great job!

Primary Inspired

Mrs. Pollard said...

I love your reflection on "The Book Whisperer". I'm on chapter 3 now. It is so inspirational and really makes me reflect on my teaching. I, too, created a survey that I posted on my blog yesterday. Check it out here: I teach 1st grade so it is intended for the parents to complete about their child.

Anonymous said...

I read "The Book Whisperer" this summer. I loved the book. It has even encouraged me to be a reader. Thanks for sharing.

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