Saturday, July 16, 2011

Whisper - Reader's Notebooks

Donalyn Miller's sections of a Reader's Notebook:
  • Tally List
  • Reading List
  • Books-to-read list
  • Response entries
I really like this whisper. I am struggling a little with how I am going to make it applicable for my 2nd graders. I will have a binder for each student called their "Toolkit." There will be reading and math resources in it.
Cover Page

I know I want my kids to do reader's response every day, but I am still thinking about how to do that. I have several pages to choose from and we will probably use them all at some point and time. I have shared some of these before, but I will share them again.  =)

I didn't make these, but they are wonderful. I am very sorry that I can't tell you who made them. I think I found them on a teaching blog. If you know who made them please leave me a comment and I will give them credit here. All the pages say is "Created by Saoud." I really like these.
Reading Organizer Journal
Reading Journal

I need to focus on more of the Bloom's higher order thinking questions this year, so I created these tictactoe boards.
Blooms Tictactow

These were inspired by Donalyn Miller's book.
Genre List
My Reading List

I am also going to be copying  the response sheets from the DRA2 book we received this year. By the end of the year, they will be responsible for filling it out on their own as a part of the assessment, so I want them to be familiar with the process before then.

I used this last year. It corresponds with the levels in my classroom library labels. We will have a color conference every six weeks or as needed. They are allowed to choose 5 books a week from the classroom library. My rule is that 3 have to be their color. The other 2 can be whatever they want. This helps me insure they are reading at the correct level.
Color Code Form

I am looking forward to linking up and seeing what others are going to be doing in their classrooms this year.

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Jackie and Danielle {Sister Teachers} said...

Hey Becca,
I think I found Mrs. Saoud. Here's her link:
I read your post and just so happened to stalk some blogs and found hers. =) What are the odds of that? I love your reader's response ideas, and I am struggling with how to fit it in too. I'm going to sit and think about it for a few days. I'll let you know if I think of anything enlightening. =)
Sister Teachers

Mrs. Saoud said...

Hi Becca,

I'm Mrs. Saoud. I'm glad you liked the journals. You can find more additional journals on my blog at Primary Graffiti

Mrs. Saoud said...

Hi Becca,

I'm Mrs. Saoud. You find additional journals on my blog at Primary Graffiti

Becca Morris said...

Thanks for commenting Mrs. Saoud. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing your resources!

Mrs. Saoud said...

I love your blog too. Glad to have additional 2nd grade buddies. My computer shut down on the first message. I guess the message made it through before the computer sneezed. LOL. I love your post!


Beth said...

I love the Bloom's Tic-tac-toe and the Reading List! Thanks for linking up.
Thinking of Teaching

Unknown said...

Thanks for linking up!

What a great post! I love the Reader's Notebook that you posted- I will definitely be using that!

Teaching Happily Ever After

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