Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Great Technology Resources

I found a great blog to share with you!

Check it out. You won't be sorry!

Here are some of my favorites that she shared:

Math practice -- all ages

Christmas activity

This site has a ton of fun games.

I really like this one for math.

This is a fun one, but it takes a little while to load.

I have been looking for things to spice up our every day routine. I love these! Have fun!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Whole Brain Teaching

So... I had great aspirations at the beginning of the year. I was going to really jump into Whole Brain Teaching. Yeah, that didn't happen. The only part I really taught my students was the "Class -- Yes" technique. Which works great, by the way!

I am making a resolution today to make this a large part of my classroom from now on. If you don't know what I am talking about, you need to visit the website.

This is a perfect example. I posted about this before school started.  I think the main reason I have not jumped into this (aside from forgetting about it) is that I won't be able to use all of it. I am an all or nothing kind of girl. That is a good and bad thing. 

These are the aspects I am going to implement immediately:
You should go and register on his website. You can email him at for any questions. There are great, FREE resources to improve classroom behavior, writing, math speed, and reading speed. There are some great beginning sight word resources that every kindergarten and first grade teacher should know about. I am going to start using the Super Speed 100 with my class this week.

Let me know if you do this! I want to hear about how you work it in your classroom!