Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mean Girls and the Issue of Bullying

Hey guys,

I have really dropped the ball with posting fun ideas. This is not really a "fun" idea, but it is something I have been wrestling with all year.

Here are a few articles if you are interested in reading more:

This website has a lot of resources and may be a jumping off point for you.

We have a special group of girls this year. They are consistantly mean and cruel to each other. My school does R-time, which is a great program. Check out their website or my previous post.

I want to do more with my students. I am going to begin a program with my class starting next week. We have 11 weeks until the end of school. We will use a few resources I have found, videos, and discussion to help us plan a video. I want us to make a video that is unique to us and what is happening.

I am really going to lean heavily on this website. It has great webisodes that will lead us into discussions. It also has quizzes and critical thinking questions that go along with each video.

It is not going to be easy finding the time to do this, but I think it is very important. Most of the time I feel like I am just swimming against the current. I have to fight against what my students see and hear from everyone else every day. There are countless negative examples from tv, movies, family members, other people in public, music, and more that all present bullying as acceptable. I want to show them a different way.

What do you do with your students? Do you see this same problem? Do you agree or disagree with the articles?