Friday, August 31, 2012

Edmodo ~ Facebook for the classroom

"Oohhh! Facebook!"
"This is so cool, Mrs. Morris."
"I love this class."
"I love this website."

Do you want to hear that from your students? I loved hearing it from mine!

Click HERE to go!

I was planning on using a wiki this year, but I have changed my mind after working with this. It is great. My kids are so excited to use it.

  • Teacher has access to all accounts.
  • Quick to post a comment, alert, assignment, quiz, or poll.
  • The assignments, quizzes, and polls can be self-grading!
  • Teacher has the option to moderate all comments before they are published.
  • FREE!
  • You can link to other websites for easy access.
Here is an example of a quick assignment. I posted this yesterday.
The kids just click on the link and read. When they are finished, they come back to Edmodo, click on the turn in button (their view says Turn in), type their response and hit send. Easy!

There is a Library for you to store resources and a calendar that all your students can see. You can also upload your Google docs!

This is the Help page. It is actually helpful!

Follow these steps to get it set up with your students:
  1. You (the teacher) set up a page by clicking on the I'm a Teacher button. It is very simple. It guides you through setting up your preferences. It will also give you a code. You will need this for your students to join your group.
  2. Get your class in the computer lab or with a class set of laptops.
  3. After they navigate to Edmodo, they will click on the I'm a Student button. You will give them the code, they will create a username and password. They do not need an email address to do this.
  4. After they have successfully chosen a username and password they will be guided through choosing a profile picture and they will be sent to the class page. 
  5. Ta Da! Finished!
The first thing we did was go to XtraMath. Here is the post for that:

Go try it!!!!!
I did have to make an important point with my students.
I said, "Repeat after me - Edmodo. Say it. Edmodo. It is not Facebook. Please don't go home and tell your parents that we got on Facebook in class today!"


Katrina said...

I will be using edmodo for the first time this school year. I learned about it over the summer and I can't wait to get started.


Amy said...

Hi Becca, this looks pretty cool. Is this something you think you could have used in 2nd grade? Or is it more appropriate for 4th and up? said...

What a slick site. My students are rather tech-lacking so this could really help. I'll check back and see how your kiddos do.

Unknown said...

I'm featuring this post on Bagels and Blogs tomorrow!

Math Coach’s Corner

Becca Morris said...

Katrina - Good luck with it. I think it is going to be a hit!
Amy - I would have used this with my 2nd graders. I had been looking for a website that could be a jumping off point. Edmodo is a great website for that. Plus it is a great way to get kids typing.
Donna - AHHHH! That is awesome! Thanks! I follow you and it is an honor!

PLNaugle said...

Hi Becca,
This is the third year I'm using Edmodo with my 4th graders. Yes, I love hearing their comments when I first introduce them it the site. We were in school for just over two weeks when Hurricane Isaac disrupted our lives. We missed this last week of school, but I have been keeping up with my students through our Edmodo group.

Another way I use Edmodo with my students is as a backchannel during our Skype calls with other classes. I set up a Skype Collaboration group and share the code with the class we're Skyping with. Several students from each class have the job of writing about the Skype call through Edmodo. They love backchanneling. Maybe we can Skype with your class this year.

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