Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fun Fashion Linky

From Blood to Books is having a fun linky. Go check it out!

1. Tell me your favorite store(s) that you like to get your "teacher's fashion."

2. What are some of your favorite accessories?
My new purse! I love it.

3. What type of shoes do you teach in? (i.e. heels, flats, wedges, etc.)
Flats are always a good choice. I have to be comfortable for a day on my feet.

Wedges are also great. They are surprising comfortable.
4. Do you have a "go-to" item in your closet? (i.e. sweater you wear weekly, shoes you wear daily, etc.)

My style this year is going to be flowy tops and dresses. I am on a dress kick these days.

5. Have you ever had a fashion "uh-oh" at school? (i.e. heel broke, button popped off of blouse)

My uh-oh was fashion related. On a state testing day I was trying to track down another teacher. I saw her walking around a corner, but I couldn't call out so I decided to run and catch up with her. Let me just say that my balance isn't great and I was wearing wedges that day. I took 2 running steps and down I went. My left ankle turned completely sideways. I heard a crack.

Yep, I broke my foot. Not fun. The only good thing was there were not any kids in the hallway. The assistant principal came around the corner, saw me on the floor and rushed over. The nurse had to come with the wheelchair. Ugh. So embarassing. I had to leave early and go get x-rays. 

If I hadn't been wearing those wedges, I wouldn't have broken my foot. I have done that before. Oh well. The things we do for fashion!



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Amanda Kendall said...

Ouch! My ankle started to hurt just reading your story.
The Teaching Thief

Jess said...

Thanks so much for linking up! I cannot believe that you broke your ankle! OUCH!

From Blood to Books!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what u wear the purse with? its cute but im unsure how to dress it up or down or wear everyday?

Anonymous said...

what do u wear ur new purse with? its cute but how to u dress it up or down or everyday wear?

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