Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Made It with freebies!

I am linking up some random things today. Fair warning.

1. Let's start with some block posters for my classroom economy.

I made these posters in powerpoint, like I make everything! Then I uploaded it to a website called Block Poster. It is a free service that turns anything into a poster. You can choose the size. It is awesome!
Click to go to the website.
Here are my files. I printed them and taped them together. A little work, but so worth it!


2. Student Standards on the board

We are required to post the learning goal based on our TEKS for every lesson. I have pledged to be better about this, so I made a permanent place on my board to write the standards. Hopefully this will help me follow through. Nothing special, but here is my small file if you want it.

I am so excited about my post for Wednesday! Remember to come back and check out my lesson plan template. I will be sharing!!!


Marlene McGarrity said...

Your classroom looks gorgeous. I ordered the same border sets so I am excited to see how good they look!!

Becca Morris said...

Thanks Marlene! I love the borders. I know they will look great in your room!

Mrs. Cypher said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! :) That poster website looks really cool! I may need to use that in the future...bookmark!

I'm one of your newest followers!
Sweeties In Second

Unknown said...

I love the classroom economy posters, great ideas and easy to add or take away things. The poster website looks like fun! said...

I like the "The Learner will" posts on your white board. I have a pocket chart that is just craving for this idea. Thanks.

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