Thursday, August 2, 2012

Organizing School Supplies

I just laughed and laughed when I saw that. I don't want the summer to be over, but I do love school supplies!!! Except maybe organizing them the first week of school.

My first year teaching 2nd grade I had a large brown bag (from Braums) for each student to place their school supplies in the morning they arrived. We have a Back to School night the Friday before school starts, so some students bring their supplies and already have a full bag the first day of school.

That worked pretty good, but then I was left to organize all their stuff. Not fun.

So last year I used shoe boxes to hold their supplies. I made labels and instructed the students to place their supplies in the correct container. That went much better, but their individual supplies weren't always marked with their names. That came into play later on when they wanted more crayons. Some students had only brought one pack at the beginning of the year and other had brought 2 or 3.

This year I have a better system set up. Here is the list of school supplies for our 4th graders:

I didn't have any input in this list, but I think it is pretty good. I wish we were getting liquid glue because it lasts better with journals, but oh well.

When students arrive on the first day of school, I will have this on their desks:
I will be printing this on colored paper for more pop. Click to download.

They will also have labels to attach to some of their materials. These are ready to be printed on Avery 5160 labels. I assign each student a number, so that is how these are organized. So student #1 has half of this page and student #2 has the other half.

I will have storage containers at the front of the room to gather the other materials.

Community Supplies:

  • pencils
  • red pens
  • notebook paper
  • construction paper
  • manila paper
  • Kleenex
  • note cards
  • glue sticks
Storage of individual supplies - They will get to replenish as the year goes on.

  • erasers
  • 3 notebooks
  • extra dry erase markers
  • crayons if they bring more than one pack
As we get closer to the first day of school, I am sure I will post pictures of all this. I love pictures!!!

How do you gather school supplies?


Raye said...

I love your labels. We aren't allowed to do a supply list. 99.8% of the kids in my school are on free lunch so we don't even have a supply list. My school is lucky in that we get supplies from a local church and a local store and get to replenish throughout the year. I usually have their things ready for them on the first day already in their pencil cases.

The Writing Mama said...

OH my! I love this idea! I am making these as I type this..literally! Thanks for sharing!

Mrs P said...

New fan of your blog here! Love what you've done with collection of school supplies. This one always gets me, especially at a new school, when I don't know what they will be bringing in and how things 'usually' work with their supplies. I think I'll move to 'community' pencils, it seems that it will work better for the whole scheme of things, no pencil sharpening issues (if I implement the sharp and dull bins) as well. To help prevent pencil 'walk-about' I might take a bit of electrical tape to the top of the pencils, in case they show up elsewhere around the school (see how that goes anyway). Thanks for sharing! :)

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