Friday, August 17, 2012

WBT Red & Green Markers

Well, I have another Whole Brain Teaching technique to share with you. This one takes no preparation and it is crazy effective.

Key Points from Coach B:
  • We are trying to teach too many things all at once.
  • Break all the skills up into small chunks.
  • We are waiting too long to provide feedback.
  • We don't need to learn to proofread, it's the KIDS! If we don't show them their mistakes when they make them, they won't learn the correct way to do it.
  • Correct in the moment of performance.
  • Give a time limit writing assignment, not a topic or length requirement.
  • Focus, initially, on one skill.
  • Walk around student desks.
  • Mark less perfect skills with a red marker and more perfect skills with a green maker. At least 2 marks per page.
  • Students respond with a "Thanks" or "Okay!"
What should you start with? Start at the very beginning. Just assume they don't know anything. I am going to start with neatness. This is a major component of our writing. If we can't read their writing, why write?
Remember, this is a suggestions. Tweak as you need.
We won't be judging them by a hypothetical example, we will be judging them on what they are doing now. That is differentiation!!!!!! We are looking for their personal best and getting them to beat their own personal bests as we move forward.

This is a great way to show kids what they are doing good and what they need to improve. I love that it is inlcuding the positive. So many times we only focus on what they need to improve, especially with the lower kids.

You can skip to 6:30 for the meat of the technique. Before that he talks about certification and just basic information.

More advanced skills:
#11 is a great way to teach writing paragraphs!!! Any sentence can be a topic sentence. Students will box in key words in that sentence and those are the words that all the other sentences must be about. Those boxed in words are the targets for the other sentences. He suggests physcially drawing an arrow from the detail sentences to the boxed in word they relate to in the topic sentence. Love it! Such a concrete way to teach writing a cohesive paragraph.

Major Point!!!!
Start with one skill and then introduce a new skill. Then ask students to focus on both skills. It should be cumulative! Remember this is a year long system. Personalize it to your classroom.

I am going to pair this with Oral Writing and the Whole Brain Writing Game.

Read more about Oral Writing HERE.

You can download the Whole Brain Writing Game on the Whole Brain Teaching website. It is under the ebooks tab. Just register or sign in to get it for FREE!

These are from the Whole Brain Writing Game: (this ebook is 69 pages!)

This is the first activity. This is the teacher prep page. 
This is the student page.

This is a fun actiivty.
Go download it NOW! You won't regret it. I can't wait for school to start. There are so many things I want to teach my students!!!!


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