Tuesday, August 7, 2012

WBT Scoreboard and Hands & Eyes

Another great webinar from Chris Biffle. This is the Whole Brain Teaching Motivator.

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Coach B encourages us to use this on the whiteboard at the front of the room. When you give a mark for good behavior it goes under the smiley face and the kids give a mighty "Oh Yeah!" A mark under the frowny face makes the kids give a mighty groan.

The teacher is in complete control over the scoreboard. It is to encourage positive behavior and the energy up. I am not completely sold on it. I don't know why.

Here is my plan right now.

  • Draw the scoreboard on the whiteboard in full view of all the students.
  • They are working towards free time at the end of the day.
  • Each point on the smiley side will earn them one minute of free time. 
  • Each point on the frowny side will subtract a minute of free time.
  • So if there are 8 smiley and 6 frowny, they have earned 2 minutes of free time at the end of the day.
  • If we end the day with more frowny faces, then the owe me time after school. I am going to rig it so that this never happens. It might be a close call or we might end up even, which means no free time.
Here are some ideas for the scoreboard:

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What do you think? I am a little worried that I have bitten off more than I can chew...

I am also going to be doing a classroom economy. 
Click on the picture to read more about that.

I feel very strongly about the classroom economy.  It teaches so many valuable concepts that I just can't give it up. I am going to figure out a way to integrate WBT with my classroom economy. I hope that I can do it smoothly.

Now to the second part: Hands and Eyes

Watch live streaming video from wholebrainteaching1 at livestream.com

The Focuser

When you want really focused attention you say, "Hands and eyes!" The kids repeat you, clasp their hands, and lock their eyes on you. Then you have undivided attention and can make your big point. I think this is a great way to really emphasize an important point. I don't think this should be overused. I want to reserve this for really big points. I am thinking this should be used once maybe twice per lesson. What do you think?

Teacher: Class
Kids: Yes
Teacher: Hands and eyes
Kids: Hands and eyes
Teacher: speak softly, with intensity, and keep it under a minute
Teacher: Clap and say Teach!
Kids: Ok! they turn and restate your big point

Sounds like a good plan, right? The kids get to hear your big point at least twice. Hopefully it will be more if you give the students more time to teach each other.

Now that I am thinking, since I have older kids (4th graders), maybe I could ask them to add a personal thought about what they are teaching to each other. That way they have to internalize each part of the lesson. Not only do they have to repeat and restate each section of the lesson, they have to add what they think about it, a connection they have made, what it reminds the of, a prediction of what comes next, or how they are feeling about the lesson.

This would have to come after they were pros at the Teack-Ok! and Hands and Eyes. I really like that idea, what about you?


Teaching Fabulous Firsties! said...

Hi Becca,
I’m your newest follower! Thanks for sharing about the Whole Brain Teaching! It is very interesting. I am a Newbie Blogger, so I appreciate all of the sharing of advice and ideas. Come on over for a visit sometime. Thanks!
Corinna :)
Teaching Fabulous Firsties!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I also want to incorporate classroom economy this year. With that said, what did you write in your students' planners at the end of every day? Last year I had a clip chart so I wrote the word they landed on at the end of the day. I am curious to know what I can write in them this year. Thanks for your help!

Becca Morris said...

Brittney - I won't be writing in folders or binders this year unless I have a serious note to send home. I will have 4th graders, so I think they are a little old for that. If you use the economy with younger students, you can write their bonus and fine money for the day. Not sure.

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