Sunday, August 12, 2012

WBT SuperSpeed Reading and Math

SuperSpeed Reading

This is such a great tool for any classroom. I am going to be focusing on SuperSpeed 1,000, but there is also a SuperSpeed 100 for younger grades. There is also a SuperSpeed Phonics for kinder and 1st! Just register on the Whole Brain Teaching website and you have access to the ebooks that include all the materials you will need!!!!

Don't you love finding wonderful ideas with ready-made materials to go with it? That is exactly what I am sharing with you. There are paper copies and an electronic version. I used the electronic SuperSpeed 100 at the end of last year with my 2nd graders and you would have thought it was candy. They would literally beg to play this "game!" I use the electronic version for whole class fun. The paper version is for student teams and that is where the real improvement happens.

This is so crucial to basic reading skills, because these are the words that make up most of the words we read. Coach B integrated the Dolch and Fry lists, so there are no words left out! This is reading practice that incorporates social interactions, beating personal records, and fast-paced fun. Perfect, right?

  • Pair students up - you can decide how to pair them (ability, personality, etc)
  • The students are working as a team to beat their previous record.
  • They will trade off reading words, back and forth for 60 seconds.
  • Students will come upon nonsense words that are read phonetically. These words are used to gage how far they have read.
  • The next time students play they don't just start at the beginning. Once they break their record, they start one line down from the top. So the first time they break their record, they start at line 2. The next time they break their record, they start at line 3. Does that make sense?

This is from the ebook. It is at the top of the paper copy that students use.
I can't wait to use SuperSpeed 1000 this year. I know I will have students that still struggle with some of these words. This will help their fluency and help them comprehend the higher level reading we require of them in 4th grade.

In the eBook, there are differentiation ideas and one-on-one variations. You HAVE to go download it! You won't regret it, I promise!

SuperSpeed Math

Not only does WBT have SuperSpeed to improve reading skills, WBT also has SuperSpeed Math for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and the "gnarlies." The gnarlies are all the most missed math computation problems. A few college professors got together and published a study on the most commonly missed addition and subtraction problems. Coach Biffle has carried those over into multiplication and division as well.

page 7 of SuperSpeed Math II - Whole Brain Teaching
page 13 of SuperSpeed Math II - Whole Brain Teaching
  • Students are saying the entire problem aloud. For example: "Zero plus zero equalls zero. Zero plus one equals one." This is important for memory formation.
  • Students only work for 60 seconds. They get two trys and then it is their partner's turn.
  • Download the eBook for more ideas about how to differentiate for your students!


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