Friday, November 8, 2013

Life in a 1:1 iPad Classroom - Morning Routine

Every morning my kids do the same thing.

Students start arriving in the classroom at 7:45 and aren't late until 7:55.

They unpack their backpacks, turn in homework, and turn on their iPads.

Their first job is to authenticate on our district's internet server. The district has different levels of filters depending on grade levels, so my kids sign-in every day to access the internet. Their sign-in is good for 24 hours.

Then they navigate to XtraMath. I have blogged about this amazing resource before, but in case it is new to you I will explain a little. XtraMath is a FREE website that helps kids with their math fact fluency. It is set up for easy classroom use. It is also compatible with iPads! Yay!

After they login, they see their progress on a chart.

They press start and move on.

I love that the keypad is so easy for them to access. It automatically pops up when you use an iPad. The kids are given 3 seconds to answer to get a smiley face and ten seconds before it prompts them with the correct answer. Go check it out if you haven't already. You won't be disappointed!

XtraMath only takes about 5 minutes, so when my kids finish, they go to Spelling City. I love this app and I am hoping that my principal will buy me a teacher membership so we can do more on it.

I have two levels of spelling every week: the basic list and the advanced list. We take a pre-test every Monday. Students who miss three or less use the "Star" list and students who miss more than three use the "Regular" list.

They choose their list and then choose their game.

This is a great way to start our day. It has plenty of brain exercise, provides time for practice of essential skills, and is a calm entry to our morning.

Announcements usually come on about 8:05 and I sharpen pencils afterward. Kids have until about 8:15 to finish their XtraMath and spend some time on Spelling City.

What do you think of our morning routine? Do you do something similar?

Any suggestions?


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