Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Recording with AirServer

I am linking up!

Do you use an iPad with AirServer in your classroom? Did you know you can record it? You can!!!

It is an awesome resource. I did one today and I thought I would share. We are beginning a research project and I was explaining to the kids how I wanted them to cite their sources. I wanted to record this and post it to our Edmodo page so I wouldn't have to repeat myself. There were a few kids out of the room and I know that a few will need a refresher tomorrow and later in the week.  :)

Click HERE to watch the video via my Dropbox.


Never heard of it? Want to know more?

It isn't a free service, but you can purchase a few licenses for around $10. I love being able to show my kids exactly what to do on their iPad by showing them mine. I need to use the sharing feature more often. The kids can share their screens with the class. They really get a kick out of that!

How have you used this in class? Any good ideas to share?


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