Thursday, May 8, 2014

Social Studies - iPad Style

We read from our social studies textbook to refresh our memories of the Great Depression, Dust Bowl, New Deal, WWII, Pearl Harbor, and the end of WWII. Now, remember that we are 4th graders, so our textbook (which is very old) doesn't have much to say on these events. It all fits into a chapter of our textbook.

Then we put the events in order and I wrote them down on the board. I was originally going to have them create a timeline using Popplet, but as I was explaining the assignment I stopped and said I wanted to change it. They like it when that happens because it usually means I am going to give them more freedom.

The new parameters were:

  • You can use any app as long as -
  1. The events are in order
  2. You have at least 1 image per event (Britannica Image Quest)
  3. The date is included
And off they went!

Pictures are so powerful, aren't they? I find that the kids have more of a working memory of historical events when they have pictures and made connections with those events through the pictures. This is something we are going to do more often.

Take a look at some final products.

Educreation video

iMovie Trailer
Another Educreation video

These only took about 30 minutes. They posted their finished work on our Edmodo page for everyone to enjoy.

What do you think?


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