Thursday, June 19, 2014

Book Study Notice & Note Part 6
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The Signposts We Found

We are finally getting into the meat of the book. The signposts are:
  • Contrasts and Contradictions
  • Aha Moment
  • Tough Questions
  • Words of the Wiser
  • Again and Again
  • Memory Moment
Already I am remembering these things in young adult books I have read.

"The more students noticed these signposts, the more they were using the comprehension processes: visualizing, predicting, summarizing, clarifying, questioning, inferring, and making connections." pg. 68-69

I am so excited about learning more about these signposts!

"We know that we(usually) don't read consciously hunting out connections (or places to predict or visualize, or so on). Rather, as we are reading, something in the text triggers a response that causes us to think in a certain way (predict, infer, connect, visualize, question, and so on)." pg. 69

Defining the Signposts

"We think that these signposts show up in novels because they show up in the world. Fiction does imitate life, and as a result we shouldn't be surprised to find that the patterns that help us understand the world around us also help us understand the world of the book in front of us." pg. 74

Here are bookmarks from the publisher you can download.

Listen to what the author's have to say!

One of the reasons I love this book and what it is teaching me is that this is about authentic reading. These are strategies that adult readers use without realizing it. This is how we get meaning from the fiction we read from fun. It is how we make connections. The books we enjoy the most are the ones we have the deepest connection with, whether we realize it or not.

This is about a test taking strategy or focusing on getting kids to pass a test! It is refreshing to read a book that is wholly focused on helping readers grow through reading books. Not passages. Books.

How are you liking the book so far?


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