Monday, June 16, 2014

Google Docs - Part 1

My school district has given all teachers and students access to google accounts and I love it!

I wanted to share a few things I changed this year so that I don't go crazy. It seems that there is so much we have to keep track of during the year and I am notorious for losing papers. There is something about paper and me. I love paper, but I can't seem to keep track of them all year long. It is a problem.

I am also trying to keep things digital, so I started using my Google drive more often. I have tons of storage space.  :)

I chose to use Google Spreadsheets because it is easy to keep things organized and I like being able to have multiple tabs for navigation.

This is last year's everything spreadsheet. I have learned some things and I am streamlining this upcoming year. I am also going to make my tabs look nicer. :)

These are my tabs so far for next year's spreadsheet.

Part 1: Organization for phone numbers, emails, & dates

This is my family information tab in Google Spreadsheets. It is all ready for information to be added in August! I don't like our system that tracks family information of our students, so I put this together. It only holds the information I need on a regular basis. Short and sweet!

I know that many of you like to use Teacher Planners from Erin Condren or others on Etsy or TPT. I yearn for one of those, but I don't think I would put it to good enough use to justify the cost. (pout, pout, pout) This is my teacher planner and I just wanted to share!

Do you have any suggestions?

The next part will be about my testing tabs!


Jessica said...

Great idea both use the spreadsheet to keep track of info. I never thought it use it as a centralized system like that! Genius! As for a planner, I use Planbook, only. I, too, envy all the gorgeous planners, but don't think I can go back to hand writing my plans after doing them electronically for the past few years!

What I Have Learned

Amanda Kendall said...

I need to get on the Google bandwagon. I still have a "thumb drive." That's practically a floppy, lol. -Amanda

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